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China CNC machine tool industry entered a rapid development period
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  CNC machine tools is the key equipment manufacturing equipment, is related to national economic development and strategic position, reflecting an important indicator of the country's overall level. In recent years, China's CNC machine tools in terms of product range, technology, quality and production have made great progress in some key technology has also made a major breakthrough. According to statistics, China's market for CNC machine tools 1500 species, covering almost the entire variety of metal-cutting machine tools category and the main forging machinery. Wide scope, can keep pace with Japan, Germany and the United States. This marks the CNC machine tool industry has entered a period of rapid development.

  Data show that China's output of CNC metal cutting machine tools increased from 2004 to 2013 in Taiwan 51,861。00 209,287。00 units。 2013, CNC metal cutting machine tools industry output showing growth of more than 2012 (205,695。13 units) rose 1。75%。

  January-December 2013 CNC metal cutting machine tool industry output in China reached 209,300 units, production of the top three provinces of Liaoning Province 45,994.00 units, Zhejiang Province 44,976.00 units, Shandong Province 34,408.00 units, accounting for CNC the proportion of national output of metal-cutting machine tool industry was 21.98%, 21.49%, 16.44%, the three together accounted for the proportion of 59.91%, the yield is relatively high concentration of some.

  Currently, the growing domestic demand for CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools to promote the development of innovation and upgrading of CNC machine features. CNC metal cutting machine tools belong to the manufacturing sector. In the drive to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry and international industrial transfer, purchase of equipment tool investment growth will continue to maintain a level of about 20% in the next 5-10 years, the demand for the machine tool industry will maintain rapid growth. Driven by demand, China's CNC machine tool production to maintain rapid growth, with the deepening of economic restructuring, high-growth companies listed on CNC machine tools and CNC systems equipment category is expected to continue. China's future CNC machine tools market is huge. Rapid growth in demand for CNC machine tools, CNC system a huge demand.

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