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Spark machine tool industry recovery has now optimistic about the future
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  July data before the machine tool industry Micro now turn.

  Machine tool industry has experienced a decline in 2012, 2013 years, in July 2014, metal cutting machine tool production increased by 4。6%; metal forming machine production increased by 13。65%。 Improvement in domestic demand is also reflected in the import side, in July 2014, the CNC machine tool imports rose 3。35 percent。 Not only is the turn for the better production, revenue and gross profit growth were also positive。 Total revenue and profit before metal cutting machine tools in July rose 7。99%, respectively, 12。22%, total revenue and profit before forming machine in July rose 13。73%, respectively, 13。25%。 Data in July before the downstream industry after industry experience means that the recovery has been the spark。

  Manufacturing in the machine tool industry has become the main driving force good turn.

  CNC machine tools meet the needs of the manufacturing industry to upgrade, so after 2003 the proportion of CNC metal cutting machine tools for metal cutting machine tools raised to more than 10%, and the proportion increased year by year. In July 2014, CNC metal cutting machine tool production year on year growth over the whole metal cutting machine tools, accounting also increased to 30.18%, which is a new high since there are statistics. We believe that the needs of the manufacturing industry to upgrade just reflected in the consumption of CNC machine tools, this process has gone on the road, there will be a huge boost for the future structural changes in the machine tool industry.

  Most listed companies microscopic machine better.

  The current machine class 11 listed companies, excluding non-recurring factors and non-core business factors, only Rifa Seiki and Yawei shares to achieve a double growth in revenues and profits. Other companies, or are still declining in terms of revenue or profits. We believe that the historical burden of state-owned enterprises in the machine and long-standing, private enterprise development tools and the technology gap, etc. are insufficient to allow these companies is difficult to have a good performance at the industry a little better.

  Three clues to look for investment targets, recommend innovative turnaround "Shenyang Machine Tool."

  We believe that in the current state of development of the machine tool industry, you can turnaround, transformation and growth of these three clues to find investment targets. Innovation and asset acquisitions are turnaround move, foreign investment is also growing to do industrial extension of the road, through the acquisition of the transition into the machine tool industry, the company should also be given attention. Although the three clues are screened investment targets Jieke attention, but under the current price we think is more worthy of recommendation "Shenyang Machine Tool."

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