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Our shears industry needs to strengthen the independent innovation capability
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  Shears bed industry in the current downturn, faced with opportunities and challenges, the need to constantly strengthen the independent innovation capability and change its direction。 The world's technological advances, processing technology has entered the sub-micron and nanometer super finishing times, networked manufacturing technology in the ascendant, green manufacturing are highly valued for CNC machine tools for digital manufacturing technology platform upgrade to a new phase of smart manufacturing, technology integration and technical complex has become one of the development trend of CNC technology the most active。

  For the intrinsic properties of shears bed industry, actively support the development of private enterprises in the machine, to encourage private capital investment in the field of machine tool industry, should also be considered as an effective way to help improve the internal structure of the domestic machine tool industry, change the traditional development model. In this regard, many developed areas of the machine tool industry has enough examples. In the meantime, we should actively explore within the machine tool industry to deepen reform of management system of state-owned enterprises, establishment of a suitable market economy needs and characteristics of the machine tool industry state-owned assets management model, in order to facilitate a good foundation to build micro-enterprise level for the machine tool industry.

  Despite many years of development of industrial shears bed momentum, but technically, the strategy to go straight along the old road, did not seek to fundamentally change the development of ideas. World machine tool industry is highly international feature, and in the international market, international technology, investment and other aspects of internationalization. Based on this model and path, choose modern machine tool industry is the future trend of development and strengthen the domestic machine tool industry must strive for, and that this choice should not only stay in form. Meanwhile, cross-border mergers and acquisitions industry is also an important way to implement industrial restructuring. In short, a more open international vision, flexible form of operation, domestic and industrial use all available resources, and seek cooperation and win-win situation in order to achieve the goal of upgrading the machine tool industry, innovative ways should be actively promoted and implemented.

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