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China's CNC machine tool technology breakthrough
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  CNC machine tools is our foundation, one of the combat readiness of the industry, is a manifestation of China's comprehensive national strength and a sign of the level of industrialization. Over the years, the state of CNC machine tool industry has always attached great importance, given the wide range of support and input. "Ninth Five" is China's important period of development of CNC machine tools, breakthrough and substantial progress.

  "During the" significant changes in development patterns and technical architecture CNC technology took place, from the production economy, Compact CNC machine tools began large-scale production-oriented universal CNC machine tools, from a stand-alone technology oriented development began to enter the sets technology-based, from a host-based manufacturing technology development, began a modular, functional parts manufacturing technology mainly to enhance the CNC machine tools from a single function to improve research-based CNC machine tools began to enter the network, intelligent level based。 "Ninth Five" late, we CNC machine tool production than the "eight five" late growth of nearly 100 percent market share by 12 percentage points, the reliability index grew by 50% to 100%。 It can be said, "during the" China's CNC machine tool has entered a more mature stage of development。 "Nine Five" major scientific and technological progress in the field of CNC machine tools mainly in the following aspects:

  - Substantial increase in industrial scale. "During the" scale of China's CNC machine tool industry has dramatically increased, the formation of a dozen popular CNC machine tools of the industrial base and development centers, annual sales of CNC machine tools from the "eight five" late the development of more than 7200 units of more than 14,000 units in 2000, the rate of NC machine tool output value increased from "85" 12% to nearly 30% in 2000, a number of key enterprises has reached more than 70%, making high-end CNC machine tools drastically reduce imports, breaking the West in key equipment import restrictions on China.

  - CNC machine key generic technologies have a major breakthrough。 High speed, high efficiency, high precision technology has greatly developed。 "Three high" has been one of the main gap between China and foreign advanced products, each year due to the gap between these three indicators that must be imported CNC machine tools accounted for 60% of total imports。 "Ninth Five" period, China's CNC machine tools, "three high" technical indicators have a more substantial increase。 Such as coordinate feed speed from "August" end of 10 m / min up to 40 m / min; ATC speed machining centers from "August," the end of seven seconds to 1。5 to 3 seconds; takt production line increased from 3 to 5 minutes / pc to 0。8 to 0。5 minutes / piece。

  - Reliability of CNC machine tools has greatly improved。 China's CNC machine tool reliability (MTBF) has been a major issue affecting their market reputation and market competitiveness。 "August" period, MTBF of machining center is only 200 hours, after five years of effort has reached 400 hours, an increase of 100%。 CNC lathes increased from an average of more than 200 hours to an average of 450 hours; CNC system increased from 5000 hours to more than 10,000 hours, up to 20,000 hours。

  - Domestic Multi-axis CNC systems and CNC technology has gradually matured, and applications into the production phase。 "Ninth Five" period, China's production of five-axis and five-face machining has more varieties, and in the areas of military, aerospace, shipbuilding and other applications where, effectively breaking the restrictions on foreign imports of such equipment。

  - Breakthroughs in key technologies for the development of numerical control technology enables a qualitative leap, resulting in a good social and economic benefits. First, the market share of domestic CNC machine tools, "August" only 23% during the year 2000 reached 50% (by volume). Development of CNC machine so that the machine tool industry's domestic market share has reached 50%. Second, the technology of CNC machine tool industry has taken to solve the problem, so that industrial-scale expansion of domestic CNC machine tools. Third, the development of CNC machine tools to complete a large number of new products. Fourth, China's machine tool industry since 1999, reversing five consecutive years of negative growth, positive growth began to appear.

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