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Machine-made high quality is not an issue can not be ignored
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  40% of China's CNC machine tool must rely on imports, and high-end CNC machine tools and external dependence is as high as 90%. Which for many years engaged in a "replacement" Chinese machine tool enterprises projects, is indeed a very depressing thing. The reason most of the board hit the lack of innovation ability of Chinese machine tool manufacturing, the lack of high-end technology. Tianjin No.1 Machine Tool Works director from Hong Du, in an interview with reporters, but has other concerns. In his view, the domestic high-end machine is not high quality, one can not ignore the problem is.

  No shortage of high-end technology

  Although the Chinese machine tool manufacturing industry still lacks originality, but improved with many years of continuous innovation, already have developed intelligent, NC, flexible high-end CNC machine strength. If the theory of high-end CNC machine design level, scientific and technological content, compared with imports of domestic and not much gap. For this, the Hong Du played quite confident.

  He told reporters that the high-end innovations Tianyi machine is a good example. As the bearer of 863 projects, Tianyi machine spiral bevel gear for the development of efficient automotive precision machining outfit, capturing the multi-axis spiral bevel gears and motion control surfaces forming principle, all meshing quality comprehensive inspection, high-precision machine tools initiative to design a number of key technologies; cracked tooth surface forming CNC machining, high rigidity, high stability of the machine structure dynamic design, high-precision motion control and process measurement and closed-loop profile error correction and other technical problems, successfully developed YK2275 CNC milling machine with high-speed characteristics of high efficiency and precision, YK2075 CNC bevel gear grinding machine, YK2560 CNC lapping machine, YK9560 CNC bevel gear roll inspection machines, MK6750A CNC cutter grinding machines fill the gaps, reached the international advanced level of high-end machines. Then YKW5132 launched seven-axis CNC slotting machine, six-axis CNC spiral bevel gear milling machine, YK22160 lone heavy-duty CNC bevel gear milling machine, as well as major projects included in the national science and technology Pang 350mm CNC spiral bevel gear milling machine and other prominent high-tech, high efficiency, high precision characteristics of a variety of new products, but also to be involved in the identification of experts as "China solitary bevel gear cutting machines in the history of innovation, a landmark masterpiece, fully able to replace imported."

  In Chinese machine tool manufacturing industry, such as high-end machine to Tianyi innovation is definitely not the case。 "Fill the gaps", "reached the international advanced level" has already become a good voice continues to sing the domestic machine tool。 Hong Du from that in the absence of Chinese machine tool manufacturing industry is not so high-end technology, nor is it the lack of high-end products today, because if the machine is still a monopoly China also imports high-end market attributed design capabilities and technical level, apparently beneath The fair。

  Manufacturing process is short board

  And vigorous "heavy research and development, re-engineering," in stark contrast to the Chinese machine tool manufacturing ubiquitous "light manufacturing, light craft" phenomenon。 Since Hong Du pointed out, it is difficult to curb the size of the impulse, the Chinese machine tool manufacturers have become very impetuous。 Some enterprises in order to "lead" the word, regardless of the process is perfect, the process is reasonable, processing equipment is in place, technicians whether they can adapt, once through the identification of new, they rush to industrialization, the scale of looting the market, for fear of losing the initiative。 The result is often counterproductive, attracted boos。

  In this respect, and always adhere to the high-end boutique line, and enjoy Chinese bevel gear cutting machines "import substitution households" and "brand-name boutiques" reputation Tianyi machine, also had learned。 Since Hong Du told reporters that they developed YK2275 CNC milling machine, YK2075 CNC bevel gear grinding machine, YK2560 CNC lapping machine, YK9560 CNC bevel gear roll inspection machines, MK6750A CNC cutter grinding machines and other high precision YK22160 series heavy-duty CNC machining equipment sets, and the subsequent development of solitary bevel gear milling machine, claiming the manufacturing process is not fine, in a short time did not meet expectations completely replace imported。 Although these products have been included in the national multi-major science and technology, and are important countries and emerging industry sectors, key areas are urgently needed。 Fortunately, they were able to detect timely rectification, do lean manufacturing, just to save face, the successful harvest。

  Long or short board manufacturing process, high-end technology will shrink, high-end design should be discounted. Hong Du from that when "do not make a serious illness, ailment constantly" has become the norm in the domestic machine tool, when it is necessary reliability becomes tricky, when the user is only plan a cheap to buy Taiwan-made high-end CNC machine tools, but expect high-quality home-made CNC machine tools not completely replace imported, but is a luxury.

  To quality to Lean

  Transformation and upgrading of China's machine tool manufacturing, machine tool quality should first be upgraded. Do not have quality assurance, into the high-end domestic machine tool will fall badly. In Hong Du from view, high-quality and high-end machines do not so difficult. They do not profit-oriented, they do not cut corners, as long as truly synchronous design innovation and process innovation, leading the design and manufacture of both modern, you can have high quality and perfect match with each other.

  The successful practice of Tianyi machine enough to illustrate this point. Since Hong Du told reporters, Liang Shouying stick with both hands, are they an effective way to ensure high-quality high-end. Hand and design quality. That is, in product development and design stage, to develop a line with the development direction of the market, to meet the needs of users input quality programs; includes program, structure, reliability, stability, compatibility, economy, technology, including process quality standards; a tested, can mature and stable market, customer satisfaction output quality indicators. From the quality of the source control input quality, process quality and output quality, and making the whole process of manufacturing the golden rule. One hand and manufacturing quality. From site management systematic, standardized and institutionalized, standardized start to ensure the reliability of the product features, focusing on the implementation of specialization in production mode process, strict technical requirements, serious disciplinary process, optimize equipment configuration, technical competition, achieve convergence process with great accuracy, testing links at every step, thereby achieving a real sense of lean manufacturing.

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