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PP / PE plastic welding rod production line
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  The unit consists of XD-30 * 25 single-screw extruder, PP welding rod shaped head, stainless steel cooling tank, traction devices, fixed-length cut device and winding device component.

  One, XD-30 * 25 single-screw extruder technical parameters

  A rack: The welded steel, and by the responsiveness treatment, a higher rigidity, small deformation。

  2, Gearbox: product design using ZBJ19009-88 prescribed technical specifications, gear and shaft parts, the use of high-strength alloy steel, precision gears GB10095-88,6 level, tooth surface hardness of HRC-6, in the hollow shaft output end preparation super size thrust bearing to withstand thrust back, bearings and seals, and other major standard screw are using domestic quality products, higher overall carrying capacity, smooth transmission, low noise, high efficiency。

  3, barrel and screw;

  4, the heating system;

  5, the cooling device;

  6, the main motor;

  7, yield: 8 ~ 10Kg / h (depending on the raw material may be);

  8, the head flange: 45 # steel forging from finishing, black surface treatment

  9, the electrical control cabinet

  10, stainless steel materials head

  Second, plastic welding mold

  Third, the cooling water tank

  Fourth, the traction device

  Fifth, take-up device

  Six, cut device

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