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Large single-axis CNC engraving machine
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  A 4.5KW power spindle, smooth operation, give full play to the advantages of the machine speed.

  Bed part is 150 * 250 * 6mm thick steel structure welding, vibration aging solid shape。

  Taiwan imported 20mm linear square rails, double four ball slider, loading force play, running smoothly, and fully guarantee the machining accuracy and wear resistance.

  Imported high precision ground ball screw, the knife precision。 Adopts Shanghai Weihong control system software to recognize relief, especially for relief, fast, strong three-dimensional sense。

  Professional design PVC table with 5.5KW vacuum, can be firmly adsorbed workpiece, the workpiece reinforcement convenience.

  With imports of wire and cable, reciprocally 20 million times, imports widened towline, guaranteed never shielded cable is damaged。

  Use of domestic high-torque stepper motors and high subdivision driver, stable performance.

  Performance parameters:

  Dimensions: 2950 * 4500 * 1600mm

  X, Y working stroke: 1500 * 2500

  Z-axis travel: 150mm

  Platform size: 2000 * 4000mm

  Maximum speed: 50m / mm

  Maximum engraving speed: 18m / mm

  Feeding height: 50mm

  Design accuracy: 0。025mm

  Carving Instruction: G code UOOMMG.PIT

  Operating voltage: 380V / 50HZ

  Spindle power: 4.5KW

  Spindle speed: 6000-24000rpm / mim

  Work: stepper / servo

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